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Pop Up Stands

Pop Up Stands

Pop up stands, nomadic stands, spider frames, popup signs, 3 x 3 pop ups, nordic stands, normadic stands or plain old “pop ups”… Whatever you call them, these display workhorses have been a staple for companies large and small since they were invented by Nomadic Display® in the 70s. You have seen them at tradeshows, exhibitions & conferences, reception areas & shopping centres… but why are pop up stands so popular?

  • Portable & versatile: Easy to transport, in a case that turns into a counter, pop up stand displays are suitable for so many situations & events.
  • Flat or curved, single or double-sided, literally any size: from a compact table-top pop-up stand to an imposing 6m wide pop up stand used as a stage backdrop, there are plenty more options available other than the classic 2.4m wide x 2.4m high pop up.
  • Modular & reconfigurable: Join two or more pop up stands together to change size & shape of your display – your first pop up stand can grow & adapt with your business and see you through events large and small. Our famous 3-in-1 pop up kits and combo popup kits give you the benefits of a stand that can be used in different ways, plus the beauty of bundle pricing.
  • Accessorize with flatscreens, product shelving, lighting & funky endcaps  Stand out from the pop up stand crowd, add functionality or change the look of your pop up stand for your next event.
  • Graphic panels, printed stretch fabric, velcro friendly fabric or combine all three depending on your needs.
  • Hire or buy: Keep costs down with hire, or augment your own pop up stand with rental extensions & add-ons for once-off events or larger spaces.
  • Nomadic Display™ Lifetime *No-Questions-Asked* Hardware Warranty: We have clients still using pop up stands they bought from us in the 1980s!  There is just no comparing these pop ups to cheaper models with bare-bones “manufacturer’s warranties”.
  • Irish-Made: Nomadic Display have sold over 250,0000 pop up stands, and most of these were made in Co. Mayo.  Happily, buying the best also means supporting the Irish economy!

Pop Up Stands - Also Known As...

The terms ‘pop up stand’ and ‘pull up stand’ are often used interchangeably these days, but these types of stand are quite different and are not to be confused.  Pop up stands are an older technology than pull ups – they were invented in 1975 by Nomadic Display and they are still hugely popular and an important staple for most marketers.  They are generally larger, more expensive and more impressive than a banner stand, and they give much more long term value. Pop Up Stands – aka Pop Up (or PopUp) Display Stands, Pop Up Displays, Display Frames, Pop Up Frames, Backwall Displays, Spider Frames, Spider Displays, Spiders, Nordic Stands, Orbit Stands, Portable Displays, Curved Pop Ups, Flat Pop Ups, Pop Up Walls, Curved displays, Pop up exhibits, Graphic Backdrops, Pop Up Display Systems…

The Many Uses Of Pop Up Stands

The pop up stand is available is so many sizes, shapes and with so many panel options that it can be used for a plethora of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Exhibition stands  & trade show displays
  • Conference backdrops and corporate stage displays
  • Press call backdrops and TV set backdrops (American Idol, Tonight With Vincent Brown & even Star Trek have used Nomadic Display pop up stands as part of their set!)
  • Shopping centre & retail displays and pop up shops
  • Information points & interpretive centres
  • Roadshows & cultural exhibits
  • Showroom displays & internal branding

What To Look For When Buying A Pop Up Stand

  • Check that the pop up stand frame has x-shaped cross bars  in each quad as these add greatly to the stability of the stand
  • Check that the magnetic struts are connected by bungees for ease of use & to prevent loss of individual struts
  • Check that if your pop up stand becomes damaged, it can be repaired cheaply or for free, without expensive & lengthy shipping overseas
  • Will the suppliers loan you a replacement stand if you need to use a pop up while yours is being repaired?
  • Can small components, e.g. wheels on the case, be replaced easily?
  • Can your pop up stand be connected to other stands in the future to allow for the creation of larger pop up stands in different shapes and to ensure you get maximum versatility and value from your pop up in years to come?
  • Can accessories can be added to the stand e.g. flatscreen brackets, lights, product displays and shelving, ‘funky’ angled endcaps, stand-off graphics, backlit panels – now and in the future?
  • Are there casing options – do you want to split your pop up kit into 2 cases for ease of lifting & shipping etc. or do you want an all-in-one case which turns into a counter?
  • Ask to see the pop up stand in the flesh to test quality and ease of use before you buy & to be sure of the pedigree of the supplier!

Why Buy A Nomadic Display™ Pop Up?

  • The best quality pop up stands available
  • Unique Lifetime “No Questions Asked” Hardware Warranty
  • The only *Irish-Made* pop up stand
  • Fully reusable, extendable, modular and reconfigurable with a range of accessories and add-ons unmatched by any other pop up stand producer
  • Worldwide network to support clients using their pop up stands overseas & unique 24 Hour Customer Helpline
  • Environmentally-focused production and operations

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