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About Nomadic Display® Ireland

  • We are the Nomadic Display® Experts In Ireland: Applied Signs & Display have been official Nomadic Display® Ireland distributors since 1988, and we have personally sold over 2225+ Nomadic Display® pop up stands, so you know you’re in good hands.
  • The Original & Best: since patenting the very first pop up stand in 1973, Nomadic Display® have shipped 250,000+ displays to satisfied clients all over the world.
  • ‘No-Questions-Asked’ Lifetime Warranty: Our unique “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty on many of our pop-ups and display hardware means you need never buy another display again. Should it ever fail to function, Nomadic will repair covered hardware free of charge for the lifetime of its ownership.
  • World-Leader, Irish-made: Nomadic Display® are world leaders in display stand technology, and stands for the European and Middle Eastern markets are made in Louisburgh, Co. Mayo.
  • Unique Worldwide Customer Service: Nomadic Display®’s unique 24 hour lifeline for worldwide assistance means you can harness the support of Nomadic’s network of 244 distribution partners across the globe should you ever need help with your stand at international events.
  • Environmentally Sound: Our aluminum structures are 80% post-consumer recycled, our Velcro-friendly fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles. And many of our products are 100% recyclable. More details available here…
  • Free 3D Designs: let us bring your ideas to life before you make that all important decision.
  • Scalable & Reconfigurable: Nomadic Display® clients benefit from the ability to enhance, expand and repurpose their displays with connecting stands and accessories. Our displays are modular so can be made larger or broken down to suit various spaces and applications and most items are available rent and buy.
  • Some Of The Best Brands In The World Use Nomadic Display™: Like Hoover, Danone, NASA, Volkswagen, American Idol, Avery Dennison, Candy Crush Saga, Oracle, Samsung, Nike, Sesame Street, Philips, Givenchy, GAA & RTE. Enough Said.

Nomadic Display® Warranty Details

Since inventing the pop up stand over 35 years ago, Nomadic Display® has harnessed years of research, engineering and quality assurance to bring you the most reliable, dependable and durable displays and exhibition stands.  We are so committed to customer satisfaction and so confident of our manufacturing quality that we offer the best warranties  available today in the display stand industry, worldwide.  The majority of our Nomadic Display® products are covered by a unique and invaluable “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty

What is Covered by the Nomadic Display® Ireland “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty:
Nomadic Display® will repair or replace any covered pop up frame or exhibition display system that fails to function for any reason – completely free of charge – for the lifetime of ownership.  Ownership refers to ownership by the original purchaser – warranties are null and void if ownership is transferred.
Products Include: Nomadic Display® Instand® Classic, Instand® Plus, FabriMural and XPlus frames, and magnetic mounting systems such as Nomadic Display® Designline.

Nomadic Display® - Made in Ireland

Since Nomadic Display inventor, Ted Zeigler, visited the west of Ireland on holidays 35 years ago,  all Nomadic products for the EMEA market have been made in Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, making them the only Irish-based manufacturer of pop up stands, portable displays and exhibition stands.   This means that by buying the best quality pop up stands and exhibitions displays, you can at the same time support the local manufacturing and export industry, while availing of quick delivery times and realiable servicing and repairs.  Applied Signs & Display have been official distributors for  Nomadic Display® in Ireland since 1988 so we are well-placed to find the right Irish-made display for any client.

Nomadic Display® - The Original & Best Pop Up Stand

In the 1960s American graphic designer, Ted Zeigler, changed direction and began to study mechanical physics and in particular folding structures.   Inspired by polyhedrons and the geodesic dome, Zeigler came up with the prototype pop up stand which would become the Nomadic Display flagship product upon which all copy pop up stands are based.    Zeigler made rudimentary structures from wooden dowels connected with tape, and when they collapsed, rather than get defeated, he realised the potential that these stands had for compactness and portability – features that make pop up stands an essential marketing tool to this day.  Committed to the innovation embodied by its founder, Nomadic Display is proud to offer the very best pop up stands on the market today at prices keen enough to compete with inferior copy stands and displays.

Nomadic Display® Environmental Policy

Nomadic Display stands automatically have an advantage in terms of impact on the environment – they have always been inherently reusable and repairable, in direct contrast to cheaper, low-quality and ultimately disposable pop up stands and displays, so they are the natural choice for environmentally conscious clients and companies.  In addition to this, Nomadic Display makes environmentally-sound operations a priority.  By careful design of superior quality, energy-efficient, re-usable products, Nomadic Display have successfully created a green business process, through which clients can be assured they are using a sustainable and eco-friendly product when they purchase a Nomadic Display.

This is achieved  in the following ways:

    • Use of recycled source materials
    • Pollution prevention
    • Water and energy conservation
    • Waste Reduction
    • Sustainability
    • Recyclability
    • Stewardship
    • Compliance

Full details on the Nomadic’s green policy are available on the Nomadic Display EU site.

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