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Marquee Branding & Displays For Ploughing Championship, Tullamore Show, Taste Of Dublin

Branded marquees are an essential part of many businesses’ presence at outdoor events and festivals such as The Ploughing Championships, Taste Of Dublin, The Tullamore Show & Bloom. Although these structures have been around for years there are myriad ways to customise your marquee so it looks fresh, unique and inviting to your target audience. We can hire you the marquee, create show-stopping custom frontage, internal fittings and furniture, and provide a complete and professional fit out service.

  • Customisable: stand out from the crowd with branding, signage, graphics and display options like custom marquee frontages & spinning banners.
  • Functional: marquee displays & marquee branding can be configured to include exhibition panels, private meeting areas, lockable storage, kiosks & booths, kitchenettes…you name it, chances are it can be incorporated into your marquee.

16 Summer Marketing Tips For Outdoor Branding & Events

Whether you are sponsoring a sporting event or music festival, hosting your own corporate outdoor event, or appearing at one of Ireland’s most famous agricultural show, The National Ploughing Championships, you will need to think smart to stand out among the throngs of attendees and get decent bang for your marketing buck. We’ve gathered some of the best ways to go about marketing & branding for the silly season that is the Irish ‘Summer’.

    Universal Basics:

  1. Forward planning: there’s no way around this – printing of promotional items takes time and lead-times can be even longer for outdoor items which are often made of fabric, canvas, mesh etc.
  2. Whatever you use to decorate or brand your outdoor event, make sure it is SAFE! Most indoor displays are not suitable for outdoor use – you risk ruining your display at best and injuring someone at worst! Even purpose-built outdoor display items need to be secured with pegs or ropes, or properly weighted (ask your supplier if you are not sure).
  3. Research before you choose your strategy. Use Google Trends to tease out what users are searching for in relation to the show or event, and get insights into which topics are rising and which are losing the public imagination. Segment search results by demographic or sector to hone your findings.
  4. If you are offering refreshments or giveaways, make sure to allow adequate facilities for disposal and assign staff to keeping your area clean. All the promotion in the world will not do your brand any good if your marquee entrance looks littered, or if your branded flyers are strewn around the site.
  5. Prepare for the Irish weather. Unfortunately this cannot be done in advance but contingencies can be planned for: for example, a branded gazebo provides shelter from both rain and sun. Likewise fridges with cool drinks, and boilers for tea and coffee, can both be organised in advance, and the most appropriate choice made on the morning of the event.

  6. For agricultural Shows e.g. Ploughing Championships & Tullamore Show:

  7. Much like at a tradeshow, you must choose the best location & present yourself well. Unlike most tradeshows, the crowds are likely to be overwhelming, and distractions will be infinite! Corner spaces are always most sought after, but whatever space you choose make sure you place your entrance and eye-catching branding on whichever edge will catch the most passing traffic.
  8. Consider branding outer back and side walls. These are often visible from different angles and throughways, and very few exhibitors use these, so your efforts will stand out!
  9. In the fight to stand out, height and movement are your friends! Branded Spinning Banners and Tall Portable Flags will achieve this for you for very little money, as will good old helium balloons.
  10. Rain or shine, one things for sure – your marquee and materials will get filthy with mud and dirt as people visit your stand. The wisest exhibitors use a dark accent colour at the base of their internal displays, and dark flooring, to disguise the worst of the grime.
  11. Bear in mind the challenges that your target audience will face at such an event and solve these as a way to attract them to your space. If you’re targeting families at a large outdoor event, for example, consider providing a comfy feeding area or even baby changing facilities, and design your interior to accommodate buggies.
  12. No matter what creative ideas you use to draw visitors into your marquee, do not neglect health and safety! The staple items such as anti-slip matting and flooring just can’t be overlooked, and assign a staff member to keep your area free of leaves, mud splatters and waste paper which can all become fall-risks in certain conditions.
  13. When planning & budgeting remember that water, electricity & internet connections all add cost and need to be ordered or organised at the planning stage, not as afterthoughts. If these are necessary for your visitor offering discuss them with the show organiser and display contractor from the get-go.
  14. Think strategically when planning your display – do you need a private meeting area for signing up new clients, a lockable storage room for giveaways, kiosks for visitors to take part in a promotion, or a kitchenette? Get your contractor to integrate the features you need rather than tagging them on later – its safer than using standalone elements, more professional-looking and saves space.
  15. Not strictly a marketing tip, but your marketing staff will thank you!: put a padlock on your Portaloo to prevent it becoming a public convenience. ***Thanks our resident expert Colette for these tips: 20 years experience helping our clients get the most from the Ploughing Championships has taught her well!

  16. For Festivals & Consumer Events:

  17. Your sponsorship deal will likely include free tickets so be sure to capitalise on these as cost-effective giveaways. Either build awareness with ticket competition or use them as targeted invitations for your best prospects and clients.
  18. Use spaces not cluttered by other collateral to get your brand noticed. Outdoor floor and wall graphics are still unusual enough to grab attention and can also be used to guide or direct visitors instead of traditional signage.

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